Mystical Schwarzwald Slots

Now, this is an odd title. We get the mystical part, but what about Schwarzwald? It has an Austrian theme to it, we think, and that is perhaps confirmed by the sight of a man in Austrian-style dress with a horn in the opening image. We also see a few animals in that image, so maybe he has control over them by playing tunes on that horn? Okay, so we are guessing now, but you must admit this slot game looks curious.

There is more than a touch of green about this five-reel game, as the background to every reel – and they are large reels – is green. You will see various animals on the reels, just as you saw them in the first image. That guy – Schwarzwald himself, we guess – is also on the reels.

The remaining details for this indicate there could be scatters and perhaps some free spins to look forward to. Casino Technology has provided us with a high volatility game with 25 lines to bet on. If that sounds like your kind of thing, it might be worth trying it to see if you like it. We cannot help but think they could have developed the theme further, but maybe there is enough here to please you.