Joker 5000 Wild Slots

The mention of a joker, the mention of a wild, and the number 5000… what could it all mean? It all points to a release from Green Tube, but we must load the game to find out more, since the opening image reveals very little. Yes, the title is there, against a blue background, but there is nothing else to go on. So, will this be a big surprise or a big disappointment?

If you thought the title suggested a possible three-reel slot game, you are to be proven correct. This game is even designed to look just like a real slot in a real casino. You’ll see other machines and games behind it, so you get the look you would expect there. The machine has lights on it as well, and although there are just three reels here, the inclusion of three icons on each one means you get to play on five lines.

The joker is indeed wild however, as the title suggests it might be. And if you can find three on the payline while placing the maximum bet, you can scoop 5,000 coins for your trouble. Does that sound like enough entertainment to inspire you to give the new Joker 5000 Wild slot a try?