Celestial King Slots

The Celestial King sounds like a majestic and mighty icon, doesn’t he? So, you might be surprised to spot a cheeky wide-eyed monkey on the title screen for the Celestial King slot game from SG. There is a golden theme going on here too, along with an unusual design. You get a 5 x 3 reel format in the center of the screen, with the monkey standing on top of it. The four progressive jackpots are listed above him, and there is a lot of detailed background to look at as well. As such, the reels take up far less space than you’d imagine.

But there is a reason for this, even though it looks odd to start with. You see, as you begin to play, the reels may grow bigger. One screenshot shows plenty of free spins remaining for the player, and the five reels each grow larger than the one before. This involves a shot at winning a progressive jackpot though, so could you be lucky enough to shoot for the major one?

Celestial King certainly doesn’t look like any other slot game. The monkey doesn’t stay still throughout the game either, moving around and celebrating if you win. The background you see behind him can change too. He is the jackpot wild too, so you’ll want to see him as often as possible.