Cherries Gone Large Slots

It would seem so, judging by the title chosen by Bluberi for their latest slot release. The main image for the slot features a large version of that very word, along with a couple cherries for good measure. So, is this slot based on fruits or is there something else we can look forward to if we play this game?

Firstly, we should remind you that Bluberi is the creator of Cherries Gone Wild – a slot with a very similar title. Can we expect some of the features of that game to show up in this one as well? They do tend to like treating their players to some neat bonus features, but you can never tell whether they’re going to do that with every new slot they release.

Their new game looks to have five reels and 30 win lines in store for us, although we must wait until May 20th this year (2018) to find out whether that is accurate. Will the cherries really go large for us in this game, and does that mean they might take over several positions on the reels at once? We hope so, but we have a few days yet until we can find out whether that’s true.