Guitar Devil Slots

With a title like that, it shouldn’t be that surprising to see both a guitar and a devil popping up in the image that promotes this slot game. The male devil has some wicked eyebrows, but is he as devilish as the game suggests? Perhaps there is something more to him than meets the eye, although he does appear to be a great guitar player. There is a woman standing behind him, but she doesn’t seem to be wicked at all.

The game features some nice graphics, tapping into the guitar and musical aspect of the title. You will see a guitar, but there is also a drum, and a gold star with a musical note on it. The devil appears too, along with the woman we saw earlier. But that is far from everything you will spot as you get to grips with the Guitar Devil online slot game.

For example, the game includes cascade wins. That means you can enjoy multiple wins from just one, if you get lucky. How many could you string together here? It would be reasonable for the guitarist to come in useful and you won’t be disappointed if he pops up. Whenever he does, you will get some extra wilds appearing on the reels. That means he is very helpful and not devilish at all, in our opinion! Play Guitar Devil from Casino Technology now and find out how good it is.