Homegrown Slots

The subtitle for this game is Annie’s Allotment, which reveals the title to be about gardening. But does that mean we can grow some chances to win prizes, or will this game be filled with unpleasant weeds? We can’t think of any more gardening jokes to add in there, so let’s see whether the new Homegrown slot game from Magnet Gaming turns out to be a great one or a dud.

This is a game that includes a few surprises. Firstly, it works on a 3 x 3 grid, rather than opting for five reels. However, there are eight ways you can win on that grid, so that much is great news. You can also try to match flowers or other items to win, with three of each required. Look out for pumpkins as they are the best-paying symbols, with 6,000 credits paid for three on a paid line.

There are some great bonuses here too – something you may not expect in a 3 x 3 slot game. Watch out for Flower Game, Snail Hunt, Game Flash, and Pick Apples. Just four reasons to keep playing for longer than you may ordinarily do with a three-reel game. When you play, you’ll find yourself in Annie’s allotment, and Annie watches progress from outside her shed. Watch out for a randomizing flower, some superb bonuses, and the chance to enjoy some superb fun!