40 Golden Nuggets Slots

40 Golden Nuggets is an odd name for a slot game, but it does indicate the theme here could be about riches. A quick glance at the first image we see for this slot reveals the truth about the theme. There is a man with slicked hair, a mustache, and a cigar, and he is holding some cash in both hands. There is no sign of any golden nuggets though, so we must check out this game from Casino Technology to get some more detail.

There is some good news as we get our first view of the reels in this game. There are some classic fruit icons appearing within the 5 x 4 matrix of icons, and these are all surrounded by gold nuggets. You might also spot some gold coins, a locked safe (we wonder what is inside there…), and some gold bars. There are indeed some riches to be found in this game. And the man himself is also provided for us to find, complete with his cigar and greenbacks.

The game does include a wild that can appear on any of the middle three reels. We sure hope it appears on all three simultaneously, as that would boost our winning chances. This has a lower RTP than other slots we’ve seen, but if you would like to play a fruity game with a difference, 40 Golden Nuggets could be the best one to try.