Golden Gecko Slots

The main screen for the Golden Gecko slot doesn’t look too complicated at first. However, upon closer inspection, you will see it features a gecko curled up as the O in each word. The gold and green color scheme is very nice, and there is a hint of detail in the background too, although we cannot make out much of it at all. Has IGT created a cool game here then, or is it a disappointment?

When you see the game itself, you’re liable to agree – as we did – that the Golden Gecko slot is a winner. We hope it will prove to be a winner for you in the real financial sense too, but it is certainly a delightful game to play. The game has five reels with four icons appearing on each one with each spin. They’re big reels, so that means you get little by way of a background. It doesn’t matter though, since the images on the reels are more than enough to grab your attention.

Expect to see the gecko here, although you will see other animals too. These include a gorgeous blue butterfly, a toucan with the most colorful beak, and a tortoise (or is it a turtle?). There is a golden wild icon and a 2x multiplier icon as well, so if both those appear you could well be in for some excellent wins when you play the Golden Gecko slot game.