World Cup 3x3 Slots

World Cup Slots

Every now and then, we bring you something that is a 'reel' treat to play. It is much the same today, except to say this game doesn't involve reels at all - not in the normal sense. This game provides a small clue in the title - World Cup 3x3. It is the 3x3 formation we are interested in here, since we've obviously got a football theme to contend with.

Instead of seeing standard reels, you get three rows and columns of grids - each with a set of three icons. These may show football shirts, footballs, or a combination of the two, or another icon. Essentially, the game uses three reels, so each individual panel has three. Each panel also counts as a payline, so while it might look very different from your average slot game, you'll see it works in much the same way.

You can bet from 90 cents on this game, and the highest value is $45. That means most players should find a bet range they are happy with. It does make a change from the usual games you can play though. There are no bonus elements in this game, so you must simply try and match combinations to win. However, if you can do that, you might win prizes in several panels at once. That's how the new World Cup 3x3 game works.