Donuts Slots

Sorry, we don’t mean regular sugared donuts, the kind that just make you want to eat more. No, we mean the slot game called Donuts, which is all set to be released in July 2018 by Big Time Gaming. The main image doesn’t tell us much, but the blue background does make us think of the sky, and are those wings on the sides of the Donut name? We’re not sure, but it is possible the game might be about more than just donuts.

The only other image we currently have of this game reveals there to be a donut shop on the left of the screen. You cannot quite see what the format of the game is here, but it looks very much like a 4x4 matrix, which is a lot less common than the typical three- or five-reel slots.

We can see the usual 10, K, Q, and A symbols, but there is little else to know about this one until the game is released. However, judging by the blurb we have discovered about the game, it looks as if Donuts is going to provide players with some different and quirkier elements. Random Donut boxes, free spin multipliers, and wild wins too… Donuts sounds like it is well worth the wait.