The Great Catch Slots

What might the Great Catch of the title refer to here? We are automatically thinking about fish, but whether that will prove to be the case or not, only time will tell. You won’t need to wait long to get an answer either, since we have some information about this game you might want to find out more about.

The Great Catch does turn out to be related to the sea, and we can spot many things appearing in the title image. There is a fish, a bottle of spirits (we think), a treasure chest with gold and coins spilling out of it, and a clam shell with a pearl inside. Will any of those produce some wins for you?

The game benefits from a fun design thanks to the hard work put in by Magnet Gaming. You can see the 3x3 format offering a tidy selection of lines on the three reels, while the fishing boat sits behind those reels, so you can see what the two fishermen are doing. The game may look small, but there are many delights to be discovered on its reels. Will you head off on a Shark Hunt, or perhaps try the Fish Finder bonus? There is a Game Chance element too, whereby you could gain access to the Jackpot Flash or Super Jackpot Flash games. Yes, with jackpots fitted in as well, there is no end to the fun and games waiting for you here.