Play Magnificent 8 Slots

Hang on, isn’t that one more than there should be? We have heard of the Magnificent Seven, so what does this game have to do with that, if anything? Since the number goes one better, it may just be a play on that familiar title that doesn’t have anything to do with this new slot.

It turns out there is a clue in the title. The number eight is thought of as lucky in some Oriental cultures. The Oriental theme is confirmed when we see the initial image, which shows a man and woman… perhaps waiting for the game to begin! There are many icons here that look good, including a Chinese coin, a laughing face, a fan, and a tea kettle. The wild fortune cookie might hold a positive message for you as well.

The stylish 8 can appear as the bonus symbol, and the game also comes with 20 lines… rather than the eight you may have been expecting. If you enjoy playing Oriental and Asian-themed games, we think you may well appreciate the delights that come from the Magnificent 8 slot from BetDigital.