Diamond Ultra Cash Slots

Monopoly Casino
Is it an experience? The new game boasts a thrilling title screen, but we know very little beyond that right now. That’s because the release date for this new game from Gamesys is slated for October 19th this year (2018). We can glean some hints from that title image though – not least the fact there are five different-colored gems at the top of the screen. Check them out – yellow, blue, pink… we guess they are all diamonds, but none of them are clear.

This slot looks as though it will have a five-reel format with three icons appearing on each reel. However, aside from a wild appearing in the game (perhaps as a diamond, given the title), we know little more about it. We love that title though – maybe there will be some ultra-cash awards up for grabs if we get to try it.

Built using HTML5 and JavaScript, the Diamond Ultra Cash slot game looks set to impress. Will that be the case? It should be playable on all devices, so we will be ready on October 19th to give this one a try. Will you be ready to try it too?