Barcrest Monopoly Slots

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Have you ever tried your luck as a property developer? Not for real, of course, but in the Monopoly board game. This has been a popular board game for decades. Even today, in an era of computer games and entertainment on smartphones and tablets, the original board game still sells well.

But there is a new way to play too, and that is via the series of Monopoly slot games coming to us courtesy of Barcrest. We're going to find out more about those here.

They take on familiar elements of the classic board game

We all recognize the familiar guy with the mustache, ready to welcome us to a session of playing this game. You can check out the guy in the slots, but there are other elements involved too.

You should expect to see the usual playing pieces, along with Chance, Community Chest, hotels, properties, cash… and hopefully, some real cash will come your way as well. Wouldn't that be cool?

There are several Monopoly-themed slots to choose from

How do you fancy playing Monopoly City Spins? Maybe Rising Riches is more your style. Other Monopoly games include Bring the House Down and Paradise Mansion. You can even try the On the Money slot. If you like Monopoly you are almost certain to like how well it has translated into the world of online slots.

Each game has its own look and feel

Barcrest has managed to make each entry into the Monopoly series look familiar to you, yet they all take on their own identity as well. You can expect to see elements appearing across all the games, while others are unique to individual games.

On the Money contains sticky wilds and a Chance Card Bonus feature. Bring the House Down has Hot Zones, free spins, and a Bonus Drop feature. Some bonuses also appear across more than one slot, but you cannot rely on this. Variety is indeed the spice that keeps plenty of life in the Monopoly slots at Barcrest.

We think they have done a grand job of bringing this board game onto the reels of slot games. There are lots of ways to be entertained with these games, and while you won't play the board game itself, you'll enjoy the experience. Maybe there is more in it for you than you ever imagined there would be…