50 Fishes Slots

Casino Technology released the new 50 Fishes title towards the end of September 2018. The promotional image features a terrapin (or a turtle?), a pearl in a shell, a treasure chest, a dolphin (if you look hard enough), and one fish. So, where are the other 49?

The game screen features plenty of room to show more fish as they swim into view. While there are five familiar reels here, we get four spaces for icons to appear on each one. With clown fish, blue fish, and other examples appearing as well, you’ll be trying to match identical fish to win prizes.

50 Fishes has some familiar elements in play – a wild, a scatter, and 50 lines for you to bet on. It doesn’t offer anything notably different from other games though, which is a shame. If you like underwater-themed games that provide you with a strong selection of prizes to be won, this one is a basic example of a good game. It won’t bring you anything you haven’t already seen elsewhere though. Try 50 Fishes for size to see if it matches your requirements for a slot game to help you pass the time.