Narcos Slots

Narcos, hmm… that title doesn’t tell us very much, does it? However, the presence of the NetEnt logo beneath the title does reveal the early promise shown by this game. It is not set to be released until November 1st, so we must exercise some patience here in discovering more about the game. We can reveal the title image shows us lots of bullets, so this would appear to have a dramatic theme.

Upon further investigation, it turns out Narcos is the name of a TV series widely known throughout the world. If you didn’t know that, you can find out more about it ahead of the official NetEnt slot game release. This show is likely far better known in the US than elsewhere, although it is available via Netflix.

If you love watching the show, chances are you will love taking part in the hunt promised by NetEnt in the new Narcos slot game. While we have a couple of weeks (at the time of writing) to wait to see more, we think the wait might be worthwhile. NetEnt rarely lets us down, especially when it comes to movie and TV tie-ins. Watch out for the new slot coming to a NetEnt casino online soon.