Million Coins Respin - Sounds Great!

Can you really win that many coins if you decide to try this slot game from iSoftBet? Let’s see what this slot has in store for us. For starters, we should mention it is a five-reel slot with three rows present. So far, so good. You’ll notice there is a button below every reel, with ‘respin’ written on it. That means you can respin one or more reels following each spin if you are close to getting a good combination to win cash. Once a spin is complete, you will see the additional price for respinning each reel. The better the odds are of triggering a big prize, the higher the respin cost will be.

This means you need to be aware of your budget and of the odds of getting the prize you have your eye on. The Million Coins Respin slot won’t be for everyone, but it might appeal to your desire to spin a reel one more time, just to see what happens.

The wild is written as such over a pile of gold coins, with the word million written above and below it for good measure, too. There are 20 lines to try and win on here too, so there could be a chance of winning on several at once. Will the Million Coins Respin game be the one for you? Only you can decide…