Mining Themed Slots

Have you noticed how many slot games are based around the theme of mining? We have. Gold Rush Slots , Gem Rocks, Treasure Mine… these are just three of the games you might encounter at selected online casinos if you like playing along these lines.

We’ve thought of three reasons why these slots are popular among players. Would you agree with them?

There is gold in them there hills…

You can mine for lots of things, of course. But if you have played a few of these slot games already, you will know there are plenty of gold nuggets cropping up in them. Lots of software developers have been inspired by the idea of mining for gold. It’s easy to see why – gold is valuable, and it could assist you in trying to find some valuable prizes in these games too.

Other games give you the chance to hunt for treasure inside the mine. Once you have played a few of these slots, you can expect to find some diamonds and other gems too. Mining for oil has also become a thing, so you might see that appear in other games.

Wilds and scatters are usually easy to come by

We can’t think of a single mining-themed slot that hasn’t used these icons. They might be represented by a gold nugget, a pick ax, or something else relevant to the theme. It seems as if the software developers using the theme are inspired by all the treats it can offer. That applies in lots of ways, including the special symbols that can unlock bonuses. Speaking of which…

You can usually expect some neat bonuses in mining slots

Have you ever played a mining-themed game where you take your place in a mine cart to see where it leads? This has been used in slots before – and to good effect, too. You can certainly expect to enjoy lots of action if you get the chance to climb inside one of those carts. Which track will you choose?

Bonuses can take many forms, but it is easy to see where the inspiration might come from when the game takes place inside a mine. The next time you see a mining game, give it a shot. You can never tell just how good it will be, or how entertaining. You might even get to blow things up with dynamite. Wouldn’t that be cool?