5G and Online Gaming

Technology is at the forefront of everything we do online. That’s true of online gaming too. If we didn’t have graphics, software, hardware, new developments, and high-speed internet, we wouldn’t be able to visit online casinos. Those casinos would not exist without the development of all the above elements – and no doubt many others as well.

Graphics drive the presentation of many slot games and casino games

Remember the early days of online slot games? Check out the graphics provided with those now and you might be surprised how far we have come since then. Today’s games are far sharper and more dynamic to view than ever before.

Another aspect that has changed is how we access online casinos. Previously, every player was required to download the casino software onto whichever device they wished to play on. Now we can play games that perform in our browsers, giving us a faster way to access them. Software soon fills up space on our computers, so it makes sense we would want to reduce that as much as we can for other purposes.

Now, we know 5G technology is coming. This is the next natural step to take beyond the achievements the internet has managed to notch up thus far. But how will this affect the way we play at online casinos and enjoy their games?

5G technology will be introduced from 2019 onwards

We can expect the rollout to be gradual, so some online gamers may not notice too much difference to start with. However, over time we will all discover how much faster games and casinos will be with the new technology. The move to 4G saw a vast increase in the speed of the internet. The same will apply once more when 5G comes to the fore.

While some people are happy with internet speeds and data transfer rates as they are right now, we guess they will be marveling at the changes 5G will bring. This includes people who might be used to waiting a few short seconds for their favorite games to load online. How much faster could they be once 5G becomes commonplace?

No one is quite sure how long the rollout will take. However, we guess the cities with the biggest infrastructures already in place will notice the difference first. It will then spread out to encompass other sections of countries and across the world. Are you ready for the changes 5G could bring?

Will 5G make mobile gaming better still?

A few years back we could never have conceived that mobile gaming would be possible. Smartphones and tablets have changed the way we go online, and they will continue to do so as well. The arrival of 5G will speed everything up. Mobile gaming was once nothing more than a dream. Today, we can enjoy many games on our mobiles, especially since game developers do now usually create their games to work on all platforms. We expect this to continue with the advent of 5G technology.

Are mobile casinos currently slower than their other online counterparts?

They can be. A lot depends on the mobile signal people get when they visit their casinos. Mobile data can be slower than the connection we have on our regular computers. However, when 5G rolls out, we expect mobile casinos to become faster than ever. This should drive even more traffic towards them as people realize it is just as convenient and speedy to load and play games on their mobile devices.

Do we have the infrastructure in place to accommodate 5G technology?

Yes and no. Some places – usually built-up cities – do have a greater capability to welcome the rollout of 5G. Many other locations do not. As has been the case with all previous developments in the technological field, we would say there needs to be greater investment in this area before we can all fully enjoy the brighter future that looks set to arrive when 5G technology does.

Get ready for a new era in online and mobile gaming – coming from 2019 onwards.