Nudge Runner Slots

Nudge Runner sounds like an interesting slot on its own. Add the word jackpot to the end of the title (there’s a 5k logo there too…) and you can see this game might just hold some interest. The background of the game reveals this could well be a classic game of sorts – think fruit and lots of it, and you will get the idea. So, what else has the creator StakeLogic (Novomatic) piled into this one?

There is a mystery jackpot built into this game, so that alone will garner some interest among slot game fans. This is a complex machine too, with two sets of three reels in the lower portion of the screen. Expect fruit and bar icons among others. The winning sums for each successful combination are shown above, so you can always figure out what you might win from a session on the Nudge Runner machine.

There are star symbols involved in this one too – stars that may appear over the top of other symbols in the game. This creates other potential winning combinations to look for. Reel nudges may also occur, but only if you have placed a qualifying bet on the spin. The reels can either nudge up or down depending on the scenario, if you’ve wagered enough to make this happen.

While Nudge Runner won’t suit those who want more in-depth and complex games, this does take the standard fruit machine format to a new level. Will it provide enough interest to persuade you to give it a try?