Slot Games

As one year ends, another begins – and we all start looking towards the New Year to ponder what it might hold in store for us. Will 2019 be a memorable one for the world of slots? We will know the answer over the next 12 months, but we thought we would look ahead and try to predict what we might experience.

New and unusual themes

It is easy to name the most well-trodden themes in the world of slots. Themes such as ancient Egypt, Greek Gods, and Irish luck are popular because lots of people like them. But occasionally a new and unusual theme will take the gaming world by storm. Will we see this happen in 2019 as well? We think there might be some surprises in store that could pan out to be the popular releases of the New Year.

Different ways to win prizes

Max Quest was a notable release in 2018, although it does not play anything like a traditional slot game. Will we see more ways for gamers to win prizes as they choose titles to play in 2019? It’s possible, as software developers try their best to find new experiences and games to share with their audiences. Will we look back at Max Quest as the first in a series of games offering something different to enjoy?

Sharper graphics and more in-depth effects

It should be said some software developers are already doing outstanding work in this area. However, it doesn’t apply to them all. We tend to enjoy games with pinpoint-sharp graphics far more than those with vague or fuzzy graphics. No doubt you are the same. The better a game looks, the more likely it is we will play for longer.

Extend those effects to the special features and bonuses included in a game and the whole thing becomes even more immersive. This can only be good news for us, the players.

Better still, if you roll all these things into one, you could get some of the best new slot game releases of 2019. We must wait to see whether any or all our predictions will come true, but either way, we think the New Year will be another memorable one for slot game players. We wonder which new titles we will be celebrating this time next year, when the answers are clear?