Victorian Villain Slots

It isn’t often we head into Victorian times in a slot game. We’ve seen the occasional release that dips into this period in history, but that’s about it. So, will the Victorian Villain slot show us a different side of history? Will the villain be good to us or more devious than we might think?

Reels and lines

The villain can appear over five reels in this game. This is an all pays game too, so you won’t miss out on any potential winning combinations as you play.

Choose from these coins

The smallest bet here is 25 cents, which covers all those ways you could win in a spin. The largest bet goes way higher to reach $62.50.

Victorian Villain special symbols

There is a Victorian Villain icon in the game, behaving as a wild whenever it appears. Two other symbols are worth watching for as well. These appear as a bonus skull and a purplish symbol which bears the message Search for Clues.

Are there bonus features involved too?

There are – could you guess there are two? Three skulls appearing over the first three reels will grant you a free spin round. Choose from 15 free games with a 3x multiplier, a reduced 10 free spins count for a 5x multiplier, or just five free games with a massive 10x multiplier on any wins you scoop.

Meanwhile, you can also play the Search for Clues feature whenever that symbol appears over the final three reels of the game. You will find yourself in a room packed with items. Are they clues? Pick some and find out. Each one will grant you a prize but be warned – one says ‘collect’ and if you choose that item, you will exit the round with your winnings up to that point.

Download and play the Victorian Villain slot today

The Victorian Villain slot looks amazing and is a refreshing change to slots set in modern times. The crime theme has been done before, of course, but here we get to see a different spin on it. We think fans of Microgaming titles will enjoy this one – we certainly did. It also boasts a different look to anything you may have seen before.

The dark and mysterious look of the game will have you searching for the villain and the Victorian officer searching for him. Will you find him first and win something if you do?