Stellar Jackpots with Silver Lion Slots

Have you ever played the Stellar Jackpots series of slots? We’ve got another entry to the area now with Stellar Jackpots with Silver Lion. As you might expect, there is a silver lion involved in the game, and you can see it for the first time when the game is loading. The game itself provides 1,024 ways to win, so if you know your slots you will know this requires five reels with four icons appearing on each one.

The lion does appear there, of course, but you might also spot other animals finding their way onto the reels. It’s a shame the usual K, Q, and A symbols also make appearances here, but it is worth being aware of them because they can still net you some prizes. One of the most important symbols is the wild, showing us the sun rising or setting behind a tree. That makes it stand out and it could bring one or more rewards whenever it appears, depending on what else appears around it.

There is also a Stellar Jackpots bonus available, where you get to pick a target and attack it. This seems at odds with the theme used in the rest of the game, but you stand a chance of scoring a good win if you’re lucky, so we don’t much mind the contrast. With four progressives to aim for, we doubt you’ll worry about the theme if you win one!