La Bomba Slots

November kicked off with some great slot releases, one of which was La Bomba. This was created by Side City, and the opening image shows the title with the O as a bomb just about to explode. In fact, we’d say it probably has exploded. What else can we expect to find here though?

The game includes a Mexican theme, offering a woman holding a small bomb – odd, we know, but there it is – and some bells, cacti, and a barrel with a lit fuse coming from it. Yes, it is all very strange to be honest, but the graphics are good, and it could provide you with some explosive gameplay if you like what you see.

The bomb is wild and is labeled as such. This can increase your chances of finding a winning line or two if it lands in a good place. One interesting element about the La Bomba slot is that you can win some free games. Not just any free games though. No, you get the chance to look for those bombs as you play. if one of them appears on a reel, you win the amount shown above the reel. That is something we haven’t seen before. Watch for those trigger amounts and see if you can grab them.