Ice Ice Yeti Slots

Conversely, maybe not! Even the title of this game is designed to look like it was carved out of some blocks of ice. And is that a yeti we can see stomping towards us in the image? It doesn’t look very friendly, but then it may be happier than it looks. We’re hoping so, anyway, as this new game from Nolimitcity gives us a chilly vista to look out on. It would be good to know there are some friends around as we start to play.

There are various creatures stuck in the ice blocks that make up this slot game. The screen provides five reels with three blocks on each, although you can see other blocks above and below with faint details of creatures in those as well. As you might guess, that does mean there is the chance for more blocks to come into play. If that happens, you’ve got the chance to find some other prizes lurking around. This feature is called the Yeti Shake, it’s randomly triggered, and when it occurs you will find between two and 10 positions added to the existing active ones.

The yeti is a wild – of course – and when he appears, he will give you Ice Ice Respins. This occurs with a bigger game area as well. This feature also includes sticky symbols for some more entertainment. With 243 ways to win in Ice Ice Yeti, this is a game you may feel happy to play for a while.