Mythology Slots

Mythology… we all know a few myths and legends, don’t we? If you play slot games quite often, chances are you have encountered a few that fall into this bracket too. It is a popular area for software developers to look at, and they have certainly been inspired by many a myth stemming from our past. But why does it work so well?

Everyone loves mythical monsters

There is plenty of drama surrounding myths and monsters, isn’t there? Think of the minotaur in his maze, for instance. Think about the Greek myths surrounding Pandora and her box, Hercules, Jason and the Golden Fleece Slots … there are many delights there that we have all been fascinated with. It is no wonder they regularly appear in lots of slot games as well. We’d put them in there too if we had the chance.

It provides a chance to delve into mythology from different countries

Every country has its own myths and legends. Some are better known than others, such as Greek mythology and Norse mythology, for example. These two areas have certainly cropped up in lots of slot games before now. We suspect they will continue to do so as well.

But other countries have lesser-known mythological creatures that have also appeared in slot games to great success. Diving into such areas provides a solid grounding for a slot game, not to mention the chance to learn something new. Always a good thing, don’t you think?

It can inspire lots of varied bonuses

Imagine playing a slot based on Medusa Slots and her head full of snakes. The bonus might involve stepping into her lair and trying to secure treasure without being turned to stone.

Conversely, a slot featuring the minotaur we mentioned earlier may see you stepping into the maze and trying to find your way out safely. Could you collect bonuses with each step, or will you run into the minotaur, thus ending the bonus?

You can see how this works and how you might end up getting some dramatic experiences if you play slot games based on myths from any quarter of the world. Some slots are better than others, of course – a lot will depend on the execution of the game, the quality of the graphics, and of course on the prizes that are available to win. However, you can see why mythology will remain a popular choice.