Bingo Machine Slots

As you might suspect from the mention of the famous bingo game, this effort from Spinmatic is not a slot machine at all. It is also nothing like any bingo game you may have seen before. The rustic look of the machine gives it the appearance of a robot, and that might well be the case. It is certainly a different way to play bingo, thanks to the tone of the game.

It works much like any other bingo game when you get down to the basics though. The idea is to try and call bingo as quickly as you can. The sooner you can do it – if it happens – the more you can win. If you manage to call bingo within 40 balls of the start of the game, you win $10,000. That’s according to the screenshot of the game, and it makes the Bingo Machine worth a go, don’t you think?

For those players who often play slots but want something different to play, this Bingo Machine might just fit the bill. Not everyone loves bingo, but the look and feel of this version of it makes it more appealing than most. That steampunk theme has cropped up in several places of late, and it works well in this scenario too.