Dragon Maiden Slots

Dragons Slots are nothing new when it comes to slot games. However, the dragon’s eye that greets you from the middle of the image promoting the Dragon Maiden slot is slightly unnerving. Will you meet more than just a dragon in this game from Play’n Go? The maiden herself does appear, alongside the various suits from a normal deck of playing cards. The background fades into the distance, offering a hint of mountainous scenery here. However, if you manage to spot the dragon roaring onto the reels, there could be some free spins in it for you. The fearsome creature is the scatter and it will expand to increase the height of the reel it appears on too.

This is where the real fun begins in the Dragon Maiden slot. There are regular free spins and Golden Free Spins, and one screenshot shows some of the reels climbing far higher than their usual three icons in height. One reaches five icons while another next to it reaches six. This turns a standard game into something far different.

Dragon Maiden is a surprise once you start playing it. For starters, the Golden Free Spins offer far more ways to win than the regular game. One shot of a winning screen shows 7,776 ways to win. Would that be enough to tempt you to play? We think it would, thanks to the wild maiden, the bigger reels, and the surprises at every turn.