Wild Country Slots

Heading off into the wild sounds like a great experience to have, doesn’t it? However, when you catch sight of the bear up on its back paws in the main image to promote this game, you might think twice about this game. Green Tube released this one on November 13th, and they’ve presented us with a 5 x 4 matrix chock full of engaging features.

The bear itself might appear in this all pays game, but there are other animals here as well. An eagle, a lynx, and more will all appear here. There is a bonus mountain as well, and the bonus in question involves free spins. The more mountains you find, the greater the rewards too. There are eight, 15, or 20 free games on offer here, bringing you the chance to enjoy some spins at no charge if you get lucky.

The all ways pays format means there are 1,024 ways to win prizes spread over the 5 x 4 screen. Wild Country also gives you a chance to win more free games during the first set you manage to get. That’s because just two mountains add another five games to the ones you already have. With a paw symbol acting as the wild here, Wild Country can also treat you to big multipliers worth up to 27x if they appear often enough in the free games. Are you ready to step into this Wild Country today?