Joker Wild (PG Soft) Slots

Let’s be honest, here – Joker Wild is not the most innovative of titles we have ever seen for a slot game. While it is exciting and suggests a couple of features you might expect to see here, Joker Wild has already been used for a few slots from other developers. This time, we get to see PG Soft’s take on the title. So, what have they come up with for us?

Well, firstly we should confirm this is not a slot game. It is a card game, based on a video poker style with a few twists. You will notice a pair of hands appear at the bottom of the screen when you play, something few if any other poker games give you. It’s a strange feeling to see them there, but they are good to see as they will pick up the casino chips whenever you are ready to make a bet.

The Joker Wild game is ideal for playing on mobile devices. It seems to have been developed with that in mind. You can hold certain cards and play for the best hand you can get. The payouts are indicated above the cards too, so everything appears on one screen. If you fancy a change from your usual slot games, Joker Wild from PG Soft might just fit the bill.