Neon Fruit Slots

Neon is cropping up in a few slot games of late. It’s long been a popular choice in some instances, of course – neon signs, a hark back to the Eighties on occasion, and something that perks up what would otherwise be a dull game. But has 1x2Gaming come up with something different in its new Neon Fruit slot?

Fruit does appear more often than neon does, of course. Have we seen them combined before? We don’t think so, but you may prove us wrong on that count. We cannot determine what this new game will offer us just yet, as it does not see its release until November 25th. If you are eager for some different games to play following the slew of horrors released for Halloween, Neon Fruit does appear to give us something different to look forward to.

Early indications are that this game will adopt a 3 x 3 format. Nine paylines will be included though – more than you might think. This looks set to be a classic in terms of gameplay, but will it go down as an instant classic in other ways as well? Only time will tell on that one, so we will be watching closely when this game is finally released.