Why Have Music-themed Slots Become More Popular?

Are you a musical person? Music doesn’t appeal to everyone, but those that do enjoy it might be surprised to discover just how many online slots now focus on this as a theme. Why is this? We’ve come up with three key reasons we think you will agree with. Read on to see if you can come up with any other reasons why these slots are now more popular than ever before.

They appeal to part of the audience that was previously ignored

Movie fans have always been well-catered for in the world of slots. Fans of famous characters and themes have also found lots to enjoy. But music fans were always largely ignored, until that is we started to get some appealing musical games to try.

Guns ‘n’ Roses, Motorhead, and Jimi Hendrix are among the big-name performers who know have their own slot machines based on them. Other slots take on a more generic musical theme, such as Karaoke Party – a slot that is self-explanatory! Suffice to say there is now plenty of depth to this area of online slots.

Since most slots have music, we get to hear famous songs

If you play a game based on a famous performer, you can be sure the creator got permission to include some of their most famous songs as the backdrop to the slot. If you usually play slot games with the sound off, we understand. Many slots don’t pay as much attention to the music as they do to other features of the game. That means it is very easy to turn off the sound and enjoy everything else.

But if you’re a fan of a rock group or other performer and they’ve got their own slot to play, you can be sure you’ll enjoy the musical side of things as well.

There are great opportunities to get some relevant bonus features too

A great example of this can be found in the Jimi Hendrix slot. This contains the chance to win Little Wing free spins or Purple Haze free spins. You will also spot lots of icons based on imagery that is associated with the performer.

If you have a favorite musician, see if they’ve got a slot based on them. If so, you might just have found a new game to play you won’t tire of anytime soon.