Red Hot Chilli Steppa Slots

This is a clever title for a slot game, clearly based on a red hot chili pepper. But what does the steppa part of the title mean, we wonder? CORE Gaming already knows the answer to that one. However, while there are some cheerful peppers in the title image for the game, we cannot tell much more without clicking through to see it in action.

This is a very entertaining game packed with color. While the background to the reels is black, you’ll see lots of colorful icons appearing on them. Think fruit and horse shoes, bar symbols and bells, and you get the idea. The chili peppers appear as a bonus symbol, so that is good to know. You also get a green chili as the wild, complete with a hat on! Yes, this is a quirky slot, for sure.

There is a nice free spins menu which reveals four types of bonus you could play. these go from Mild to Hot, and through to Super-Hot and Red Hot. A great variety there given the theme of the game. You will see how each variety works if you check the paytable. The idea is to get as many chili peppers as you can in the hot zones on the reels. The more you manage to get in those zones, the hotter the bonus feature will be.