Shuffle Bots Slots

Snuffle Bots is an odd name for a slot, yet it has an appeal that becomes clearer when you view the image for the game. It shows a dance floor made of different-colored squares. If you look to either side of the floor, you’ll see several robots standing there, perhaps trying to work up the bravery to dance. Hey, you never know – we’re not sure what robots do in their spare time. Realistic has developed this slot, so what can it offer us?

The dance floor appears underneath the five reels of the game when they become visible. We don’t typically like seeing the usual letters and numbers appearing in slots, but here they have been given a makeover that is in keeping with the game. That makes it easier to view them. There is a bonus glitterball in sight too. Finding three of those in a spin of the main game will award the chance to secure a free spins feature.

These spins make life far more exciting, as they feature various robots on the dance floor. This is quite fun, and you will see the potential prizes to be won for each robot before you begin. Shuffle Bots describes this game very nicely, and you can’t say it doesn’t have a sense of humor. There’s a wild and a JackBot symbol to find too, so it can become quite entertaining.