Baam Boom Slots

Baam Boom doesn’t exactly reveal much, does it? The image shown for the game gives us a tattered sash, a shield, a skull with a cannonball in its mouth, and similar pirate-themed imagery to look at. Are we correct in thinking we are looking at a pirate slot here? It comes from Playtech so that is good news, but what else can we reveal about it?

The five-reel game does indeed provide pirating elements to look for. There are cannons, jugs of grog, and barrels too. The game provides you with 25 lines to play on, and the chance to scoop some free games in the Treasure Chest feature. During this element of the game, cannonballs are added, and you get the chance to fire the cannon itself. You can collect prizes and try to get through to the next map. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

The cannonball is wild here, and there are plenty of prizes to be discovered if you reach one of the treasure maps. Are you lucky enough to manage that? This may be far from the first pirate-themed online slot we have seen, but it may turn out to be one of the most innovative and enjoyable.