Wild Maverick Slots

When we heard the title of this slot game from Novomatic, we immediately thought of the Wild West. Judging by the first image you see, we were correct to think along those lines. A cowboy appears in the image, standing in front of some mountains and looking wistful. That’s a good start, but does the game provide enough drama to keep you entertained if you decide to play?

Wild Maverick takes place on five reels. There is a wild icon that looks much like a belt buckle, finished in gold and bearing the word WILD on it. This can appear in stacks on those reels, so it is useful to see. The maverick himself can appear here too. You also get 10 lines to bet on.

We were disappointed to see Novomatic has relied on the old faithfuls here though, the A, Q, K, J, 10, and 9 icons we see in so many slots. They look polished enough, but the game would have looked so much better without them. We get a bonus icon in the shape of one of those mountains too, although there is no indication in what little we’ve seen of this slot about the possible outcome of finding three or more. Does that provide intrigue enough to give Wild Maverick a try?