Halloween Jack Slots

Halloween. There are pumpkin pie recipes to try, carving to do, oh… and an unsavory character to face in the new Halloween Jack slot game from NetEnt. Be warned, he looks scary, with glowing eyes and a snarling mouth, all carved from a pumpkin. Never has a pumpkin looked quite as fearsome as this one does. And once you add in those knives for fingers… hmm, are you brave enough to see what Halloween Jack might have in store for you?

Released just one week prior to October 31st, Halloween Jack certainly provides some scares for All Hallows Eve. We suspect people will be playing this one long into November though, such is the quality of the experience provided. Pumpkins and horses are among the icons on the reels - there are five of those - and there are Big, Spooky, and Nightmare wins up for grabs.

The pumpkin is wild, and it moves around too - not guided by an unseen hand, but acting as a moving wild, so it hangs around for longer. With up to 600,000 coins available to win in this game, you can look for the free spins to win with the ornate chest, and lanterns to earn you some wilds if you get that far. How long will you survive if you decide to play Halloween Jack this Halloween?