Dance de los Toros Slots

Spain is known for bullfighting, and whatever you think about that, you may have seen a few slot games that have been inspired by this. Dance de los Toros is the latest, coming to us this time from Incredible Technologies. There are some great elements in play here, such as stacked symbols, connecting scatter ways, and wild flowers – literally!

The game also includes a feature known as Richer Reel. It sounds quite appealing, don’t you think? When playing the slot game, look out for the Richer Reel logo to appear on one of the reels. It only needs to show up once to trigger the feature. When it does, the bull charges up the reel, turning all the symbols there into identical symbols to help you achieve bigger wins. They might match others already appearing on the reels, so it is a refreshing and exciting thing to watch.

The bull is good for helping you win some free games as well. Three are required, as you might guess, but these take place on new Mega Cash Reels. Another set of reels appears above the main set, enabling you to play over five reels that are eight icons high. With the Richer Reel feature still in action, who knows how good the outcome could be when you try playing Dance de los Toros slots?