Bloody Love Vs Bloody Mary – Which Freaky Game Wins?

Whether it is Halloween or not, you can always rely on finding some freaky slot games to play. Bloody Love and Bloody Mary are just two of these, so will one prove better than the other?

We thought we’d pit these similarly-titled games together in a head-to-head for Halloween. Which game won – and was it a fair fight?

Bloody Love

Ever heard of iGaming2Go? They are behind this game, featuring a vampire-type character and two women. It’s what we would call an oldie but a goodie, having been released back in 2011.

The Nosferatu-style character appears to the right of the five reels as you play. the graveyard night-time setting is spooky enough, making sense of the letters and numbers appearing carved out of stone on the reels. The open can is both a wild and a scatter, while you can win prizes for two or more Nosferatu and girls combos.

Bloody Mary

So, does Mary appear in this game? Bloody Mary is the name of a drink, but since this is a freaky slot we can expect the lady herself to appear. Be warned – she may wear a lovely red dress, but she also has blood dripping from her eyes. Not the best imagery, we’re sure!

Again, we get five reels here, along with 10 lines to play. the scatter is a house – surely haunted – and is that a body hanging from a tree? This one is surely for adults only, and not those of a nervous disposition. Watch for the candle bonus icon the freaky wild, and a cross wild in the free spins. Three or more houses are required to trigger those. Disturbing, it certainly is, and it has lots to offer too.

Our verdict – which game is freakier than the other?

Bloody Mary must surely win this competition. Both games are worth trying, but the Bloody Love slot is more light-hearted, even with Nosferatu appearing. Bloody Mary is not for the faint of heart, with that woman watching your progress and never seeming to look anywhere else. Whether you get the bonus here or not, there are lots of unnerving symbols to look for.

We wouldn’t set foot inside that house, that’s for sure, so if you want a good game to play late at night when you’re on your own… maybe Bloody Mary wouldn’t be a good choice!