Dragons Slots

You’ve come to expect a high level of gameplay with the slots turned out by Bovada Casino ; and, especially if you’re a US-based player, are thankful that this extremely fun and varied online casino is one of the very few US friendly ventures with popular, playable games. Well; Bovada doesn’t disappoint with the Dragons Slots, a video slots that transports you to the ancient abode of fire-breathing Dragons and their ilk. As you’re probably familiar with such legendary stories from your youth, it should come as no surprise that you play the defender of the kingdom, beset as it is by Dragons interested in plunder and the defeat of mankind. Of course; being Dragons, they have a lair full of gold that you would absolutely love to get to and seize the fruits of their plunder from other, fallen kingdoms. When you download now, you should not only expect – but actually demand - there’s the affections of your town’s Virgin (every town has at least one, right) at stake should you return victorious.

Dragons Slots Symbols and Meaning

Dragons Slots is a 25 payline standard slot sporting scintillating graphical animation, capturing medieval themes in a breathtaking capacity that enhances the game, rather than take away from it. There are the normal card suits that act as symbols, along with the heads of 4 sage Dragons, a shield and a Dragon emblem of indistinct character. Getting past the Dragons to the hordes of cash stashed in their lairs requires getting the right combinations of symbols, reaching the lucrative bonus game and capitalizing on free spins. The special effects consisting of dancing fireballs really light up the screen and emphasize the gameplay as random multipliers enhance your winnings again and again.

An undetermined, random symbol functions as the Wild in Dragons Slots, which replaces every other symbol and also doubles your winnings. The Wild even replaces Scatters; although not without allowing you to be paid for the Scatter. Retrigger is available for free spins, and Scatters will be multiplied by whatever wager you put down. If 3 Scatters show up, this multiplier will fall on the number 10; meaning you can walk away with quite the haul.

Dragons Slots Payouts and Gameplay

Dragons Slots isn’t one of those games that can be played haphazardly; when you download now, you have to stick to the order of the paylines. Your minimum available bet can be as low as a penny, or as high as a whopping $5 per payline; which, when enhanced by one of the frequent Bovada Casino promotions, could really put you in the blue (as opposed to the negative red) with a string of successes.

The four different Dragons have a special meaning: each of them have different associated payout figures. The big jackpot is 4000 coins, with smaller denominations of 2000 coins and 250 coins; these can be multiplied by certain symbol combinations. For example, there’s a so-called Wild Growth feature that allows the Wild symbol to dominate the screen and double your winnings for the round. Or you might luck onto the Metamorpha Wild option and receive a generous 15 Wilds on the reels.

With all these amazing features, the only wonder remaining in the fan favorite Dragons Slots is why you haven’t yet decided to download now at Bovada Casino and start playing . They give you many chances to maximize your winnings with promotions galore, in many different forms, ranging from initial bonuses to free play for a certain amount. With odds like these, you’ve got more to win than you do to lose at this US friendly online gaming casino.