Dark Vortex Slots

You never know what you’re going to find inside a vortex, do you? This one comes to us from Yggdrasil, so at least we know we should be in for some entertainment, regardless of what’s inside. They’ve released a quick video to promote the slot, although we don’t see too much of it here. It certainly comes with plenty of atmosphere though, and that is good news if you are looking for a super slot to play.

Dark Vortex features plenty of shady characters, including a multi-eyed monster rearing over the screen. Are those tentacles either side of the eyes? Wow, we guess it popped out of the vortex, and while you don’t see any of the game in the video, it does pique your curiosity. This turns out to be a five-reel game with lots of odd creatures in it. It also includes so-called Vortex Reels, capable of bringing you riches in three spins that follow.

Yggdrasil is clearly trying to be different with this game, and we think they’ve managed it. With a feature called Expanding the Vortex in action too, there is some depth to this game that is missing from many other slots. Yggdrasil has done well with this one, and we think lots of players will love giving it a shot. What will you find in the vortex?