Ohio Man Wins $82k

Caribbean Stud Poker is one of several progressive jackpot games at Bovada Slots. It's a game that led to a major jackpot for James of Ohio. James was playing in the U.S.-friendly casino when he bet $4 on the game and another $1 on the progressive jackpot prize. After getting a Royal Flush, he walked off with the $82,000 jackpot.

Bovada Casino has dozens of games and sportsbetting options. For James, Caribbean Stud Poker paid off. This table game starts with your bet. You must bet on the progressive jackpot if you want to be eligible to win it. Once you have placed your bet, you're dealt five cards. You can fold or raise. There's no holding cards and drawing new ones. You want to have a better hand than the dealer. One benefit is that the dealer will not win if he doesn't have at least a K/A combo or better.

To win the progressive jackpot in Caribbean Stud Poker at Bovada, you need to get a Royal Flush. If you have a Straight Flush, you'll win 10 percent of the jackpot.

If you haven't already signed up to play at Bovada, now's a perfect time. Players receive a welcome bonus of $3,000. That welcome bonus increases to $5,000 if you use Bitcoin for your deposit. Learn more about these and other promotions at Bovada Casino.