Double Jackpot Winner at Liberty Slots

7x Lucky 7s Slots

Yes, this is confirmed to have occurred recently at Liberty Slots Casino – home to many exciting slot games. The fortunate player was Cindy M from Arkansas in the USA. She confirmed Christmas would be even more of a celebration for the family this year, thanks to her two wins. The first prize came when she played 7x Lucky 7s, a three-reel slot offering the chance of scooping a progressive jackpot. While the odds on doing that are long, Cindy managed to buck those odds and secured the jackpot on a 75-cent bet. It is designed to drop before it hits $25k, and Cindy managed to get $22,432.03 when it hit. She spent some time celebrating her good fortune but then decided to head back to Liberty Slots for some more entertainment. We suspect the last thing she was thinking about was hitting another jackpot… but that’s exactly what she managed to do.

Another wild, wild prize for Cindy

The second game she chose to play was Ultimate 10x Wild; another three-reel delight available at the casino. The game also works on the premise of guaranteeing a progressive jackpot to be paid out before it reaches $25. Cindy wagered $1.50 per spin on this slot game and managed to trigger the $16,470.06 jackpot to be awarded to her. She described it as “the best day I’ve had in a long time!” We would tend to agree with her! With other games in the Wild X series of slots, we wonder if she’ll stick to that series for a while, in case she can make it third time lucky… Liberty Slots has an impressive range of slots to play, with a great $777 welcome deal for new players. You can also check out the current promotion offering monthly no-deposit bonuses free of charge for 12 whole months!