Will You Win the $100,000 Prize?

Will You Win the $100,000 Prize?
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The amount you'll win playing 1 Hand Joker Poker at Cafe Casino depends on your bet. Ideally, bet all five credits at $5 each. That's just $25 on each round. If you bet in this manner, you can win as much as $100,000. If you're not that daring, you can drop to the 5-cent coin value and win up to $1,000. You will want to bet all five credits, though. Winning the highest payouts is dependent on a five-credit bet.

To play 1 Hand Joker Poker, click deal after you place your bet. You want to build the best possible poker hand to win cash. Payouts depend on the number of credits you play. A one-credit wager pays the lowest amount, while a five-credit wager pays the most. Jokers are wild. The payouts are:

  • 1x to 5x for Kings or Better or Two Pair
  • 2x to 10x for a Three of a Kind
  • 3x to 15x for a Straight
  • 5x to 25x for a Flush
  • 6x to 30x for a Full House
  • 20x to 100x for a Four of a Kind
  • 50x to 250x for a Straight Flush
  • 80x to 400x for a Royal Flush With a Joker
  • 150x to 75x for a Five of a Kind
  • 250x to 4,000x for a Royal Flush
  • 500x to 20,000x for a Royal Flush That is Sequential From Left to Right

In 1 Hand Joker Poker, the joker is always a wild. You'll find yourself forming some great hands thanks to the joker. Find this game and many others at Cafe Casino. Be sure to claim your Super Play Welcome bonus worth 500 percent or the 100 Percent No-Max Welcome Bonus when you sign up to play. If you deposit at Cafe Casino using Bitcoin, there's a 150 percent deposit bonus available. Register today.

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