What Is The Biggest Jackpot Ever Win On A Slot Machine?

You can probably guess the answer will be in the millions of dollars and it is. The biggest jackpot win ever to occur was in Las Vegas – where else? – back in 2003. A young man in his twenties decided to head for Excalibur Casino to try his luck on the Megabucks slot machine. This is one of many great slot machines that offers a progressive jackpot for players to try and win. Of course, it doesn’t drop the jackpot that often, and when this young man decided to make a $100 bet on it, he probably didn’t think the jackpot would fall in his lap.

However, it did. That $100 bet resulted in a win of $39.7 million dollars coming his way. It’s hard to imagine what that must have felt like, or how long it took for the win to sink in. This is a huge sum that has never come close to being beaten. Several other lucky players have won life-changing amounts, but there’s no doubt that amount changed the life of that young man the day he set foot in Excalibur.