How One Gambler Won Big through Sheer Nerve at Miami Club Casino

On May 3rd Gerry M from Dallas Texas showed everyone around the world why Texans are known for their nerve and their bravery. Because of some gutsy decisions that he made while playing Ultimate 10x, a newer slot machine at Miami Club casino, he managed to walk away with a very sweet prize worth a total of $45,000. That's pretty darned good on a $15 wager, and he didn't play for very long to unlock the generous win.

Landing a Big Win

Gerry M played Mega-Money Mine for about 20 minutes or so without much luck with the slot game, losing more than he won. His luck all turned around for him when he decided to make the switch over to Ultimate 10x, a newer slot game added to the casino recently. From the moment he began gambling on the slot game he was betting big with $15 wagers with every single spin he made, and he went through a total of 40 spins before he landed his big payout. On the 41st spin Gerry managed to lock down a prize of $22,500 and this is where things get really interesting.

Doubling his Money Through Pure Grit

Instead of sticking with the $22,500 prize that he'd unlocked, Gerry M decided to bet it all with the game's gamble feature and go for a significantly larger prize. He flipped over to the gamble feature, and with just $400 in his account he risked his massive payout with a simple guess. His guess ended up paying off and he quickly doubled his prize payout from $22,500 to a whopping $45,000! While most gamblers would have happily collected their huge prize winnings, Gerry M risked it all for the bigger reward, and now he's counting a massive pile of winnings thanks to his bravery.

The Calm Winner

While many gamblers would be ecstatic about their wins, Gerry M is more calm and subdued. He recounts the moment where he decided to gamble stating "Sure there were a few seconds when time kind of stopped, waiting for the wheel to stop spinning. I knew there was a lot on the line but the way I look at it, it's not my money, it's the house money. If it works, it works, and I've had a good day. If it doesn't I just don't tell anyone! Fortunately, this was my day! I'll take out some and keep playing, this place has been good for me so far!"

Not only was he unphased by possibly losing it all, but he's going to keep a portion of his winnings in at Miami Club casino and keep working toward future wins. Miami Club casino is a well-known online establishment that's popular because of its excellent game selection, good solid mobile support for iOS and Android users and for the slot tournaments that it offers. There are some really nice promotions available to new gamblers as well, and players that join by May 31st can snag 25 free spins for the City of Gold slot game with the code MAYDAY.

Even though most of us wouldn't be willing to risk a $22,500 win to possibly double up our money, sometimes the risk pays off. It certainly did for Gerry M! Either way, there's a lot of fun to be had at Miami Club casino and mobile gamblers in particular should enjoy the casino.