Winning Big on the Mile High Slot

While most slot players put more money into the games they play than they take out, some gamblers get lucky and come away with an exceptional win. Darren G, a player at Lincoln casino managed to do just that with nearly a six figure win streak on Memorial Day. The player took mid-sized winnings from one slot game and brought them to another where he unlocked a massive winning combination. We’re sure the experience was something that he won’t soon forget, and he managed to walk away with more than $96,000 in winnings during a short period of play on the two casinos.

Getting Started on Lucky 7’s

Darren started his slot session playing Lucky 7’s where he won the cash that he would later use to unlock a much larger payout. He was playing about $6.00 per spin on the slot game, and finally he won a payout with three Purple 7 symbols and two wilds. The standard purple 7 payout would be worth just $240, but with the two multiplier wilds as well the win was actually wroth a stunning $11,760, and that’s when Darren got the money that he needed to win big. Deciding that he had probably taken all he would get from Lucky 7’s Darren took his winnings over to Mile High.

Winning Big on the Mile High Slot

The player managed to take away a total of $96,040 from the Mile High slot game in just a single spin while playing it. The massive winnings from the slot just go to prove that it’s possible to win big from slot games with enough time put into them and of course some good old-fashioned luck. In order to unlock this monstrous win, Darren took his winnings from Lucky Sevens and poured them into Mile High looking for a good solid set of features. What he got was a solid Cheeky Pilots payout on three different lines at the same time. He got three pilots on each line along with two wilds each. That transformed the standard $2,000 payout with a 16x multiplier so Darren got just over $32,000 from each of the three paylines, creating his massive win.

Darren G is a long-time slot player and has been with Lincoln casino for more than 5 years now. He’s not the only long-time gambler to hit it big with one of the slot games, and there are plenty of winning opportunities that players are taking advantage of every single day. Serious gamblers always have something to look forward to when they get started at a new site, and important to remember that it is actually possible to win big while playing these games.