Kuwait Soldier Hits it Big

Most people that hop onto a slot machine are hoping to hit it big, but for many that hope just remains a dream. There are some players that have supremely good luck though and prove that you can win really big when playing slots, and Michael M. a solder serving with the Army in Kuwait is the perfect example of that. Michael managed to win over half a million dollars recently, and he did it with four big prizes from Super 6 a slot game offered by Jackpot Capital casino. During his play session he hit four separate large wins, and came away with more money than most gamblers ever hope to win while playing online.

An Amazing Win Streak

Most of the stories that we talk about with gamblers that hit it big and win hundreds of thousands of dollars come from a single lucky spin. That wasn’t the case with Michael M though. This lucky soldier managed to win more than $500,000 over a series of huge prize wins all during a short period of time of playing. During his winning streak he started things off with a win of $180,000 from six Scroll symbols with a 10X multiplier on Super 6 slot. After that win, he managed another $116,475 by getting another 10X spin with six Fans. From there he went on to win $48,000 with six Scrolls with a 4X multiplier, he won another $12,000 from six Fireworks symbols and a 10X multiplier to finish things off with an amazing $541,090 in total winnings. That’s a win streak that you don’t see everyday, but it does prove that the people that win aren’t just one-off stories. If Michael M. can win four big prizes during one play session, another gambler can easily unlock one of them with enough luck.

Not His First Big Win

Just to prove that Michael M’s story isn’t a one-off thing, it’s not the first time that he’s won a decent prize. Years ago he managed to hit it big and win over a Million credits with a slot, unfortunately he only had a penny in play at the time or he could have been looking at riches back then. Now it seems that his luck has really paid off and he certainly has a nice windfall to go back to after getting

While players like Michael M. aren’t telling their stories every day, there are plenty of big winners on games like Super 6. This Asian-themed slot game features oversized symbols and a variety of other special features designed to maximize payouts and make things as interesting as possible while playing through round after round.