Agent Cash Slot Machine

For Raffella D. of California, Liberty Slots Casino turned out to be the best place to spend time over the holidays. The lucky player found herself winning multiple big prizes on Agent Cash slots.

On December 21st, Raffella won $8,500 playing the spy-themed slot game. Christmas Day proved to be extremely lucky as she collected an $11,000 prize. It's hard to imagine winning on Agent Cash again, but that's exactly what happened on December 28th when she won $60,000. A few days later, she won two more huge prizes totaling $53,000.

After six years of playing casino games at Liberty Slots, Raffella was stunned by her lucky streak. She claims that she "sensed it was worth sticking with it." Now, she's getting regular checks as she withdraws her winnings.

What You Need to Know About Agent Cash

Agent Cash slots is a spy-themed bonus slot. James Bond will likely come to mind as you play. There's a jackpot prize of 10,000 coins. You can win free spins. Bonus symbols trigger the Pick 'em bonus where you'll win free spins, cash prizes, or a trip to a second bonus game. There's a vertical wild that can trigger anywhere from one to five reels to turn into wilds. If you activate all 30 pay lines, there's another bonus game that involves picking from 30 cards until you get a stopper.

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