Fruit Loot Wild X Slots

Every year brings with it a selection of hundreds of new slots to play. Yep, hundreds. With Fruit Loot Wild X as just one of them, it is a tall order to rank as the most popular. However, that’s before you check out this game to see just what it can offer you.

We can reveal this is the latest in a popular series of slots. We can also reveal it features some elements you may not expect to see in a game of this size… Ah, let’s not reveal any more here. Read our review to get the facts about the Fruit Loot Wild X slot release now.

Who created the new slot?

The X in the title – and perhaps more so the Wild X portion of the title – hints heavily at WGS as the creator of the game. That is the case too, as WGS has created several slots based on a wild X element. If you haven’t tried or encountered any of these before, this version will make for the ideal introduction.

Test it today with some demo play

What better way could there be to check out this game than by loading the demo? They have a Flash version as well as the one available in downloadable casinos. You could even try it on your mobile. We’ll cover that element later in our review. Trying the demo gives you a shot at figuring out how everything works, including the special elements of this exciting new game.

Does this game have a nice theme?

Fruit is mentioned in the title and you will see some on the reels as well. This is a fruity slot for sure, but you might also spot the occasional symbol on those reels that is nothing like the others.

What is the design like?

Some slots are about as far away from traditional slots in a casino as it is possible to get. This is the exact opposite. It even has the arm on the right side of the machine. You cannot pull it, but it does give you a nice realistic touch. Watch out too for the casino background behind the machine.

Slot game type and details

Fruity slots are often restricted to three reels, and that is the case here too. The reels are taller than you might expect, which adds a new dimension to it. You don’t get a progressive jackpot to watch for though. The game doesn’t delve into bonus territory either.

Paylines – just one of them?

That would be the obvious assumption when you know a game has three reels. We did mention those reels were larger though, which means it is not uncommon to see more lines in play. We have five lines here. You need to cover them all too, as they are fixed in play.

Betting options for Fruit Loot Wild X

This is where things get interesting. You can wager one coin per line or increase that amount to two or three. Meanwhile, coins go from the usual one cent apiece to $10 apiece, as is common in other games from WGS.

If you do decide to play more than one coin per line, you should watch the paytable. The info on prizes changes depending on how many coins are wagered. Make sure you are happy with your bet before you spin.

No need to look for the paytable

Some games make hard work of finding the paytable. However, this is not one of them. It is shown above the three reels, although there are two pages to look at. Just go for the ‘view more pays’ option to toggle between them. The main default page shows the highest-valued prizes.

You will see the top-placed icon is the Fruit Loot 3x one. This is similar in design to the wilds used in other games in this series. The title appears on the top and bottom of an oval, while the multiplier value appears in the middle.

If you find one wild anywhere on a line, you will get a 3x prize based on your bet. Two wilds will multiply together to produce a 9x prize. Three of the wilds completing one paid line will bring you the jackpot for the game. This would be either 100x, 200x, or an impressive 300x. The amount paid out depends on the quantity of coins you placed on the line.

Bonus round possibilities?

No, there are none of those here. Not a surprise given we have just three reels. There isn’t much room for a triggering scatter.

How to access the free spins

You have a chance to score some free games thanks to the FREE GAMES symbol you will occasionally see on the reels. The wild doesn’t replace this, so it is important to find three of them on their own in any positions on those reels. This means you will get a prize worth the same amount as the triggering bet. You also get 10 free spins.

These games can be triggered more than once with no limit to the amount you could get. The paytable indicates wilds bring a 3x multiplier to the prizes when they appear in this feature.

Any details about the game RTP?

No, no info is currently available for this.

Is this slot game highly rated by us?

Yes, we think this is another great addition to this series of games from WGS. We can confirm that after some though, we’re ranking this as an 8 out of 10 slot title.

Slot game winners – are there any to be found?

We haven’t heard any news about any winners for this game yet. There isn’t a progressive jackpot here, so we may end up light on news for this one. Mind you, if someone was to play a large bet and managed the top prize for three coins, we might get to hear about it.

Check out the game without using real cash

The practice play mode allows you to do this. This means you will get the chance to enjoy the experience of playing the game with no worries about losing cash.

Will you play it for real?

Try the demo first, then you will know the answer to this one.

What about trying the game on a tablet or smartphone?

More and more people are trying this method of play. It certainly adds some convenience to the game, and since Fruit Loot Wild X already has lots of potential, we think it could be the ideal way to get started.